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In the early afternoon of January 16, the Faresi (people from Fara) transport the farchie (bundles) from their district to the square in front of the church of S. Antonio Abate, they raise them and set them on fire. The transport takes place by means of tractors or the farchia is transported "on the shoulder" by the people of the Contrada (neighborhood).

In some neighborhoods the custom prevails that the parades before starting the journey recite the litanies of the Lauretians.

farchie1People from each neighborhood unload the bundle resting it on the ground and then, at the command of the "capofarchia" the chief of the Feast, they raise it up. The capofarchia directs the stages of elevation by standing in front of the farce itself on the ground, giving cadenced orders while the others, equipped with ropes, stairs and strips (wooden beams bound to form an "x") raise several quintals of weight .

The last tear is the most dangerous moment: if the men at the ropes pull too much or if the group pushes excessively, the 'farchia' risks tipping over, falling with its extraordinary weight on the "risers" teams. Along 30 years there has been a gradual reduction in the size of the farchie on the one hand imposed by the police and the other helped by the elimination of the award that during the twenty years and until the second post-war period was assigned to the most beautiful farce, thus pushing the districts to build bigger and bigger stalls.

At sunset, when all the farchie are up, the fire begins. The fire of the farchia takes place through the fireworks, under the gaze of the enemy lands, ready to criticize the slightest imperfection of the freshly squeezed flour and to whistle, in sign of teasing, the dreaded interruption of the burst of shots that acts as a fuse to the ignition of the reed giant.

After all the farchie are lit, the faresi people give space to the songs, desserts and wine. From the church, the procession with the statue of the saint arrives on the square for the blessing of the farchie. With the arrival of the evening the 'contradaioli' throw down their flours to cut a half to bring back to the district where it will end up burning.

farchie3Once the farchie were brought back and burned in the village, in the market square. As a result of complaints from the inhabitants of the square, whose house doors often burned because of the fire that fell from the farchie, it was decided to move all the farchie under the village along the river Foro.

With the creation of the gas pump in the late sixties ended the custom of ending the festivities all together next to his own flit. On the next morning, at the church of St. Anthony, the religious festival takes place with the blessing of bread, fire and animals.


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